Flowing not forcing ≋

Mastering the art of healing is significant. It’s important for so many different reasons but especially for mental peace.

There is no greater feeling than to know that one thing, one situation, or one person no longer controls you from afar or near because you have controlled what you react to.

Without your reaction “it” & “they” are powerless.

Now I know for some this may sound very easier said than done (like me), and this is why I am not saying that this is an over night achievement but it is possible.

Practice what you preach.

 If you expect people around you to be healed and display emotional control, than you should too. 

Lead by example and take it one breath at a time, each second of each day.

Master this art my loves and you will be unstoppable!

Have a peaceful Tuesday and week. 

With ALL my love✨❤️

~ Telley

Copyright ⓒ 2016

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