Happy Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a day that a lot of us know and have only known as a day to celebrate what we are thankful for. And for a lot of us that would be our families and the non materialistic things that can’t be bought in life (for us non-shallow people).

However, as we become older and become more aware of the screwed up mentality in the history of this country, we come to the realization of what the true meaning of these “holidays” are.

For all Native Americans, who are still directly in touch with their roots and culture this day is nothing to be proud of, let alone give thanks for in there eyes. It is a “celebration” essentially of the genocide of an entire race of people…

Sick right?

Yes, I know.

I know that though many of us know the true meaning of this holiday this is not what we personally are celebrating but it is important that we all EDUCATE the ignorance around us.

It is disgusting what this country was built on and how it was ripped away from its true owners to be reconstructed into what we live in today but the good news is as long as life is still granted, there is another phenomenal opportunity to fix the way we look at things and treat one another.

This is the time more than ever to all come together because we are all intertwined, whether we like it or realize it or not.

Choose to not be ignorant and learn how everything works together in hurting and harming us alike.


I encourage you all to say special prayers on this day for the people who were beaten, raped, exploited, and mocked by satan’s spawns themselves because their spirits still live and they at least deserve our acknowledgement and respect.

Don’t you think?

Ignorance is bliss. Let us be better as a people moving forward!


Copyright ⓒ 2016





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