God has the FINAL say!

Today was one of those days where I wasn’t necessarily questioning the order of events in life but just concerned on the pace things were moving.

You know the feeling where you just feel really dull because you feel like things unfolding for you are so close but so far at the same time?

Yup, that has been me for the past 3 months I want to say. I’ve been to church, I’ve been praying but nothing seemed to be working in my favor at the time that I’ve wanted things too.

I know they say that GOD makes no mistakes and that he will equip you with any and everything when the time is right and when you are ready but  I feel so deeply that I’ve been ready for such a long time.

I felt that I was mature enough.

I felt that I was aware enough.

I felt that I was secure enough to handle it all. To handle everything that I have been asking for.

I wanted to be filled with the things that I have been asking for but I think I put a halt in my own blessing because I wasn’t matching the efforts of GOD.

On today, I have to share my epiphany with you all because it’s a place that I found comfort in and I hope it does the same for you.

It is always one thing to say it it but an entirely different thing to put it into practice.

When I say it I’m referring to the triumph over your doubt, the hope you acquire in the midst of any situation in light of what is to come next.

I know that no matter how hurtful, confusing, and just disrespectful situations can be to your entire being just know that GOD is intentional.

If you are someone like me where you need constant assurance faith wise that things are all in divine order make it part of your daily routine to remind yourself that and be steadfast and unmovable in your diligent and genuine work on yourself and other.s

“Be not weary in well doing. For in due season you will reap if you fade not.”

-Galations 6:9

This verse means everything and I thought that I had this entire concept down packed until I listened to service today.

Just because it is the right season and the right time doesn’t mean that it is your turn yet. He will have everything you will ever need and more need when your turn is near.

Wait on him. You will not regret it. He is intentional. Never Failing.

I don’t even want to preach but I want you to receive the simple message that God has the final say.

Just because one situation has ended in your life doesn’t mean that he is finished and because he isn’t finished, neither are you.

That is your continuous testimony and undeniable reason for pushing through!

I love you and you all know the truth deep down inside so move accordingly.


Everything is in divine order, and he knows what he is doing.



Copyright 2016



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