The Wears and Tears of Passion♠

This that good love boy, you ain’t know?

When you have a passion for something or someone you go hard for it, and I mean really, really hard for it because it’s what you believe in, right?

It’s kind of resembles the reason you get out of bed, the reason you smile. It feeds your soul and gives you hope, it gives you a purpose to live…


  • any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love or hate.
  • a strong amorous feeling or desire; love; adore.
  • strong and barely controllable emotion

See, the thing about passion is that, although its impeccable to feel when it’s being reciprocated well and it’s being embraced, it can also be dangerous and devastating  when something falls short in the equation of it reaching its full capability.

I know you all know the saying: “Too much of anything isn’t good for you.” right?

Well, in this case, it applies more than ever.

Passion, depending on the strength level of the person who is supposed to be receiving it, can come off “too strong”. So much so, that you’ll start getting comments such as:

“You’re crazy, you’re psycho, or you’re doing too much, you’re too much, and your overbearing”. 

When you get these reactions from people, you as the passionate being that you are, you start to really believe those things that people tell you and call you.

You start to believe that because the ones that you’ve been dealing with thus far cannot understand your powerful emotion, that you’re in the wrong. You’ll also start to blame yourself for everyone else pushing themselves away from you and keeping their distance.

But, the good news is: I know from personal and recent experience that this is not completely true, and you need to just change your perspective and direction a little bit.

Look at it like this, the issue is not the sole fact of you being passionate but it’s more of knowing when, who ,where, what, why, and how to release it. Passion is a gift and a curse, you feel deeply and a lot of the time it slaps you in the face.

It also reverts back to the concept of: Time.

Yes, I know!!  It gets on my nerves too, but it’s so apparent in all aspects of life that it just can’t be ignored.

Passion is amazing, passion is rare, and not many have it. But because of this fact, only few have it it’s easily misunderstood, rejected, and shunned. So when using it, make sure you thoroughly assess the situation and the people first. Spread droplets of your passion to begin with to test the waters.

This caution will do you good, believe me!

This goes especially for women. Due to us being the magical and majestic beings in many ways and forms that we are just naturally, we’re stronger and more receptive than any other species, specifically the male one. lol

“Don’t ever dim your light to make others in the room comfortable, but humbly shine even brighter.”

-Chántelle Agbro

The average person is going to fear what they don’t understand and you have to understand that that has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them, so let it be.

You’ll find that when releasing your passion because of its deep roots with love it’s damn near impossible to stop when it starts to flow. This is where it gets tricky all over again because although it’s not your intention, it can and will easily be mistaken for force, which then can put you in a compromising situation.

No one wants that.

It’s okay that some don’t receive what you pour out because it’s a sign that growth is needed and we all can embrace the benefits of improving.

I’ve come to the clear realization that I really just have to embrace this life and all these talents, qualities, traits, and characteristics that GOD himself has instilled in me, unapologetically.

When I do that, nothing will be too much for me.

Nothing will seem as frustrating.

Nothing will seem as confusing.

Believing and trusting that what you prayed for will eventually come to pass trumps all things!

GOD trumps all, as well as his love and his timing.

“Include everything as you embrace this GOD life and you will receive GOD’s everything.”

Mark 11:24


  1. Nothing will happen before its time.
  2. Everything is in divine order.
  3. Be mindful of where you pour your passion.

“When it flowing it’s GOD, when it’s forcing its US.”

And as hard as it can be sometimes, just let GOD flow, trust me!], he got YOU!

Have a phenomenal week babies!

-Love Telley


Copyrighted © 2017





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