The Wait

I love you Jesus.

I worship and adore you.

Just wanna tell you, that I love you more than anything.

Today, I reflect on the last days of writing my manuscript for my first book!!

I am soooo excited to release it and for you all to read it:)

It is a tough process but this is what I asked or so I am pushing through. In this process, I know and see GOD is working and I pray he continues to work on me as a person and steers me away from reliving and bringing up the past.

That hinders me. 

I struggle with wanting what I want now and thinking that I’m ready for things that GOD is still working on for me. It’s not even so much that I want to rush, but because I feel that I’ve been going nowhere really fast in the relationship part of life, I question a lot, lol. I am okay with focusing on myself, obviously, but it seems I’ve been doing that forever, lol.

You know?

Older people tell me all day everyday that:

“You’re sooo young baby, and you have your whole life to grow up, love, be in love and be in a relationship.” 

I know that’s true but I also know that being in love isn’t something that I would get tired of , if it magically decided to manifest itself right now in my life.

Love is Love.

Sometimes it really does suck and gets lonely when you’re mentally more mature than majority of your peers. Not to mention that guys are just stupid, lol. Soo where does all this unfortunate information leave me?

Right here, writing to you all, that’s where.

I’m very anxious for the beauty to unfold, though!

What’s your daily struggle?

#TheWait is real.

Yet, I know it is very powerful, which is why I accept it.

When GOD turns the situations that were meant for your bad into your good, it’s only right that he receives all the glory!

I have to remember everyday to say: “I love you and I trust you GOD, with everything in me.” I also have to really live and believe that every second of the day.

If not, I can worry and overthink my way into dark and unsettling place, which no one wants to do.


Thank you GOD for this day and I hope everyone has a marvelous Tuesday!



Copyrighted ©2017

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