I am an entire song.

Not just one verse, not just the chorus nor the hook.

but the entire song.

From the raw, flawed handwritten lyrics

to the polished final product,

It’s All Me!

The common misconception of my energy

is that of its reason for creation was to please man,

yet it wasn’t.

My being is colorful, completely colorful.

Me entiende?

Some colors are darker than others

but I don’t mind because they all serve their purpose.

Truth is, with the intentional calling over my life,

I couldn’t half-ass my destiny’s canvas even if I wanted to.

There comes a time where we are shown

what we are, who we are, and why we are.

And baby, I’ve accepted that I am lethal in the most necessary ways possible.

I am art. I am love. I am rhythmic. I am rich. I am royal.

I wasn’t just put here meaninglessly.

My essence never was and never will be worthless.

But because I’m so potent, it’s easily misconstrued by the shallow as something negative.

I can’t do anything about that, though. Take me as I am or keep it moving!


You have limited amounts of times to selfishly run through me. There is beauty, life and strength in my brokenness.

I say all this to stress that I am literally magic.

Not in the fairy-tale aspect but in the supernatural one.

 My magic continuously searches and will solely connect with something real.

Something that lives beyond this lifetime, something that lasts forever.

Note: You have to know yourself, feed yourself, be yourself before you can do anyone or anything else any good!


Copyright © 2017




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