My Condolences.

My condolences to anyone I’ve hurt.

My condolences to anyone who’s been offended by me.

My condolences to those who can’t understand me and never will.

My jewels are sacred. My jewels are hidden. My jewels are not easily attainable.

This means that if I ever allow you near them at any point in my lifetime (which is rare) you better bet your life that it is a special moment.

Because I am misunderstood and stereotyped so often by those who claim to “know me so well”, getting a glimpse of my pure jewels makes sense of it all, believe it or not.

However, not everyone is worthy of that deep and intricate understanding from me, about me.

Not everyone will experience that new element of me, because those people who will are with me permanently not temporarily. They are a unique individual with patience, unconditional love and care towards me.

Not everyone is like that…

I can’t afford to share my gold with people who were never meant to come close to it let alone understand it in it’s entirety.

When you know me and I mean really know me, the alluring, sweet, and genuine aroma that my love gives off will be all you will ever need in this life.

So again, my condolences to anyone who can’t see past my flaws.

My condolences to anyone who can’t see and support my growth.

At the end of the day, we all go through personal battles but I choose not to let mine control my peace of mind nor define who I am.

I struggle daily with the passion, obsession and expression of things summarized as my emotions.

But the more I learn about myself, the more I learn about what I’ve gained from my past and how it’s molded and shaped me, the more I can call all my flaws what they truly are: Jewels in disguise.

So my condolences, but with me you just gotta go deeper, you gotta put in that extra time, that extra thought. With me you MUST dig deep.

It’s the only way…


Copyrighted © 2017



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