You Say You Love Me…

You say you love me

but give everyone else your loyalty.

You say you care

but give them the most precious thing we’re supposed to share.

I know love may come easy to you,

I know it may flow right off your tongue,

but the way you indecisively use it with me feels like a gun.

Ask yourself please, why choose me?

I mean, I obviously know why by default

but do you?

If not, you need to.


If we’re here together emotionally, affectionately and for eternity

then don’t be afraid to show me.

You aren’t the only one scared, second guessing, hesitant, & weighing options available and unavailable.

You aren’t the only one contemplating, thinking, dreaming, regretting, & praying

that this choice, the choice which is you, which is me, & which is us, is the right one.

Do you even know the damage that you’ve caused?

You say “you know you hurt me” as if you’re saying “Hello” to each guest as a receptionist in a hotel.

Is it that much of a habit for you?

Is it that casual?

Was it that painless for you to break what you were supposed to cherish 

and keep on living like I was nothing?

Tell me, since you love me, answer me.


This nonchalantness you now call yourself isn’t becoming of you.

It’s also not acceptable,

and it will for certain destroy anything real that’s gravitating towards you.

You say you love me,

but right here & right now, I declare and decree,

if you push me away this go round I’ll be gone shawty, indefinitely.

-Signed, there’s no love like mine.-


Copyrighted © 2017


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