Sadness-heartbreak // the feels chronicles.

When my heart bleeds where will you be?

Is it crazy to think you’ll actually

be there for me? 

Even though it shouldn’t,

the past keeps groping me viciously,

and it gets closer and closer to having its way

with raping my mind, ripping it of its sanity, its peace, and my overall happiness.

Over and over again the thoughts of you

throwing me away so effortlessly haunt me.

So with that, is it just fair to assume you’ll abandon me?

I can’t help but think of you letting me fall,

after the false confirmations of your alleged love and care

you did the very one thing I thought you’d never dare.

After much time spent giving you my all,

you thought it would be best to stall.

But now you can’t,

now you’re forced to face me, it, us, the situation. 

I know bringing up and living in the past doesn’t help the present,

but what’s a girl to hope for

with a boy who can’t stay in touch and embrace

who he truly is.

Where does that leave me,

someone who’s supposedly intertwined with you so intricately?

Where does it leave us,

when finding and loving yourself first is a must.

Copyrighted © 2017


Copyrighted © 2017



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