••• B A L A N C E •••

 ••• Balance •••

an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.


the even exchange of my baggage and yours.

Offering a little bit of you, for a little bit of me.

Balance doesn’t mean you always get the bigger or best parts of another

but it means you’re accepting of all the things that excite and scare you,

because together you’ll make it through.

Look me in my eyes, please don’t be scared of me, I remember you and this feeling isn’t you.


I lost my footing on the beam of our love, as did you

but I’m sturdy now and I want us to be too.

See, but with this word “us”

comes an understanding of more than one entity,

more than one energy, more than one being.

I would say “us” is me and you but we aren’t experiencing the same thing.

I found the energy that I put into making sure you saw

the GOLD, MAGIC, and RARENESS in me,

shifted the focus from where GOD is taking me,

and distracted is far from where I need to be.

My job is not to make you see me in a different light,

and it’s now time for me to take flight!

With having frequent conversations of halfway points, trust, love, effort and consistency,

I shouldn’t still question your feelings towards me.

It’s more than what you say,

it’s how you act,

it’s the balance you don’t give that is slowly pushing me away.


See the scale weighs heavy within my love and effort towards you,

it’s visible, it’s big, it’s loud,

it will never be silenced

I’m never ashamed,

but with you I can’t say the same.

I won’t stand for it any longer, and these aren’t just words which fit this piece

because truly I owe this balance to myself, it’s long overdue.

And sadly, this balance seemingly can’t find it’s place between me and you.


Mastering it increases what you have, need, and want.

At the end of the day, my tears and fears

can never change where you were the past two years.

As much as I need you to see how close I am to my wits end with your lack of words and commitment.

I know pretending, hiding, shying away, and showing you don’t care keeps you content.


If you know how connected we are,

and the fire we make,

then you know not giving me balance is playing yourself.

I don’t ask for much but the basics: love, respect, loyalty, honesty and attention.

But you act as if all those things for me is too much to take in.

I cherish our bond and I place you in a light many others don’t, including yourself.

Without willingness to balance us out, there is really nothing to talk about.


I’m flawed, you’re flawed.

But I’ll risk it all, for that fall

that fall into one another

that fall where real love always stands tall.

I exchange my love, trust, and heart for yours, bouncing off of each other’s aura.


Do not expect effort that you won’t give,

I mean what kind of house is it, if I’m not comfortable or secure in where I live?

Balance — Self-Care —Self-Love —Peace —Serenity — Love — Consistency — Balance

These are all sent from up above,

Don’t misunderstand, you should always put yourself first,

but there always needs to be a balance.

Don’t do a 360 turning your selfless into selfish,

for doing this you’ll permanently lose the one who has saved her kiss,

for the idea, that could one day be the reality of what I’ve always wished.



Copyrighted © 2017

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