Tentative Times. 


There are many different directions that I could go with this piece but for value sake, I’m gonna keep it straightforward and simple. 

The moments when I feel uncertain,

the moments I feel scared,

the moments I am weak,

I come to you.

You always know exactly what to do,

and that’s why I chose you,

 that’s why I love you.

Being afraid is hardly in our DNA,

because it goes hand in hand with fear

and that’s far from which we all were made.

Day by day, I used to pray that I would know more,

that I wouldn’t always be so unsure.

It’s draining at times you see because 

I just want to have all the answers I seek,

because the excitement is gone for everything and everyone to be a mystery.

Why can’t I know? 

Where did you go? 

Why can’t I read your mind?

 I feel like if I could I wouldn’t always be in what seems to be such a tight bind.

Tentative times keep me on my toes,

 And all though we’re in America and everything goes,

I’ll never again be the one to let toxic things, people, and situations to be up under my nose.

Tentative Times.

The time when you were mine,

it was all flowing, 

and we did nothing but shine. 

Until it was evident you had a newer agenda up your sleeve,

I was oblivious to it and never thought you would actually leave.

But you did and it’s partially my fault.

You weren’t the only one.

In fact that same day, I found the one person who had an obligation to stay,

and that was me.

See I’ve come to the conclusion that all though it’s tentative for us,

it never is to GOD.

He knows and sees everything we’re doing even before it happens. 

It all hit me at once, 

that knowing,

the power of knowing was given to us by God.

He will only allow us to see, understand, and reach what he wants us to and the TIME he wants us to and not a second before.

When uncertainty comes through 

and it feels like there’s nothing you can do 

I dare you to come to him, & I promise he’ll do more than just make do.

He’s my one and only, he’s my go to,

He’s my rock, my source, and my provider.

There’s no question that I’m his rider.

As indecisive and worrisome I can be sometimes because I don’t know what is going to happen or how it will all pan out.

I stop.

I breathe.

I remember who is in control.

Then I emphasize very boldly and explicitly that, what GOD has for me is and always will be for me.

That’s it.

Not competition, rebuttal, arguing, or worrying necessary.

I’m finally reaching a consistent point in my life where other emotions and actions don’t control me or how I react. 

None of it threatens my mental peace of mind and it’s a glorious and victorious feeling.

I’m tired of wasting good energy on thing I have no control over and have no business stressing over.

Aren’t you?

Give it to him now and forever.

He’s got it. He’s got you.

Knowing where my place with GOD and I 

and keeping my faith sturdy

secures my space beyond this tentative haze in the sky. 

Copyrighted © 2017


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