We Made It ! ! !

As we all know it is graduation season and I don’t know about you but I had 3 ceremonies to attend in one week!!

Did that set a record or something??

I mean I literally felt like I was graduating, lol

All my family and friends at their respective ceremonies were so happy, relieved, and overfilled with joy.

While sitting through each ceremony I found myself becoming very emotional.

What’s new right?

I was ecstatic for all of my loved ones.

There is a supernatural peace and confidence that comes when you finally accomplish something you thought you never would.

When all the tears, confrontations, blood, and sweat become worth your while it leaves you speechless.

I remember when a lot of us didn’t even think we were going to go to college let alone graduate from a University.

God works wonders, he works miracles. And although that saying may sound cliché to some of you all, the truth is the truth.

Even when the outcome looks, feels, and seems to be the opposite of your blessing I dare you to trust and lean on him.

He brings you to that place of blindness so that you can actually have no other choice but to lean on him for understanding and for his action.

He has the final say, night and day.

He is the KING, the ALPHA, the OMEGA, and the HEAD!

I can’t imagine not believing in him, I can’t imagine trusting in anything other than him and I can only strive to be where he is and stay there.

For there is where is all comes together, it all flourishes, it all makes sense in some way or another.

At the end of the day, if he said it it will be done.

If he speaks a blessing over your life, there is already a date set for it to manifest.  Be careful not to get in your own way by not relying on him.

The devil will always try to test your faith at your weakest moment (s), it’s your responsibility to curse his name each and every time he tries to interfere with a move of GOD.

It only takes one move of GOD, just one.



Copyrighted © 2017.


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