§≈Sunsets and Rainbows≈§

I love sunsets and rainbows,

being anywhere the earth hones in

on what glows.

There is more to be fond of

on earth then what meets the eye.

In fact, more often than not,

the most promising things are in the sky.

If you’re one who tends to overlook,

then perhaps it’s time to readjust.

Maybe it’s not what is shown to you,

but rather your self implemented limitations,

due to lack of trust.

I love sunsets and rainbows.

I also love all things which make my body smile,

especially my toes.

I’m beginning to slowly but shortly become one with it all.

I get it now.

 The highs, the lows and all of life are connected,

and my very best derives from my fall.

I love rainbows and sunsets.

You’re probably wondering why I chose sunsets and rainbows

out of all things to reference, huh?

Well, to me they are both unique in their own way.

Each reflects one another in frequency and radiance.

One brings excitement and energy,

while the other brings mindfulness and mellowness.

It’s a reminder there is a time and place

for any and everything on earth.

We all have our set times to shine, grow, reshape, and dim.

I love sunsets and rainbows.

My favorite part of the sun’s set is how

 it marks the clouds each night with soft, plush kisses

draped in many soothing colors.

This beauty lets me escape.

This tenderness opens me up,

it drives me into a space where I only want to be vulnerable.

Nothing else exists in these moments.

Soley my flesh, my thoughts, my whispers, and my deepest desires.

It’s the fire created,

which captivates every inch of what pleases

my mind, body and soul,

what keeps me coming, coming, and coming back for more.

I love sunsets and rainbows.

Copyrighted © 2017IMG_4623

Copyrighted © 2017

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