whirlwind we’re in

The world we live in

more often than not

seems like a whirlwind.

I see things daily that really make me question

the mental state of us as a nation.

The government claims to be for and by the people,

but what and whose people?

 is what I need to know.

Because if you ask them the value of a life,

 people of color are either disregarded entirely or are the first to go.

I always wonder, how did we get here?

and how did we let it get this bad?

But the truth is ever since AmeriKKKa, was built on the backs of slaves,

The intention and destiny for Africans was structured to be none other than sad.

Failing. Destructive. Hopeless.

What we are seeing is not new,

all things seemingly controlled by money and guns too.

Nope it has all been here.

The only difference is a recording camera

that forces punks to face their underlying fears.

From the mass incarceration rates, to irate, belligerent, and racist cops who use

Latino and Black people as target practice,

because they know all they have to do is claim self-defense in court to save face.

With the many inhumane events that occur and have occurred under the hand of America domestically and internationally,

we as the people of all races and religions still have the power to act seriously.

Especially considering all that is at stake for the future.

But don’t get me wrong this world is not all suicide letters and bombs,

there are so many souls filled with much love and soothing songs.

Those are the ones for which life continues to give.

They are who and what we fight for.

That peace, that serenity, that unity.

It seeks for us all to a degree

It strives to fill that void we have, not just now but for eternity.

Copyrighted © 2017

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