people love to speak of what they THINK they are owed.

they love to point out people and problems

those with whom they’ve went toe to toe,

as if we don’t already know.

but ironically enough,

being deserving is a lot less about what we show,

and much more about how we act inside going outward in any situation

knowing that eventually we’re all going to go.

I’ve witnessed people who have never been able to say the words, “I own”,

while others moan and grown,

over how tight designer buttons weren’t sewn.

you are worthy, don’t get me wrong,

but be weary of thinking you’re invincible, untouchable and overly strong.

there’s a difference between self-deserving and people/material deserving.

if you find out what it is you need

and it keeps you truly happy,

satisfying basic needs

without abusing time and energy of another

then appropriate excess will naturally flow

which are transformed into our wants.

we take a lot for grant it and that’s why I use the word

“deserving” with caution.

if we’re being honest  here,

I don’t deserve to be on earth and neither do you.

this life is a big gift.

and since GOD so graciously placed me here

the least I could do is take care of myself,

as well as the earth around me.

we fail to realize that deserving, if anything, starts with

personal responsibility rather than selfish rewards.

it has nothing to do with fancy cars or weath

and everything to do with appreciating

your existence and the atmosphere around you

working with what is given.

YOU deserve nothing,

I deserve nothing,

WE deserve nothing,

yet GOD still plans give everything.

what does that say to you?

Copyrighted © 2017


Copyrighted © 2017





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