All Things Equal

All things equal, she still stands out.

There is something about her,

that you can’t live without.

Something you can’t quite wrap your mind around,

but you just know that whatever you lacked is now found.

She searches deep beneath any and every flaw,

just to see you,

Naked.  Raw.

She carries what’s within you,

 as a seed which forms everything anew.

She holds the key,

and flaunts it most gracefully.

All things equal, she feeds your soul,

through her hair, her air, and her stare

with brown eyes that captivate you,

glittering like gold.

She wants you.

Although she doesn’t need you,

to be all that she is,

she wants to share companionship.

She knows connecting with another is very rare,

and because she knows its value

she’ll always be there.

All things equal, she’s like the ocean.

You’ll never have to question her love, loyalty, or devotion

because just like space, time and opportunity,

her love and pull for you will always be out in the open.


Copyrighted © 2017



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