when you follow me…

the past couple days have been filling and eye opening.

filling in ways i never imagined possible.

eye opening in ways that let me know GOD is far from done with me.

when you chose to read me, to follow me on social media or my blog post what were you satisfied with? what is it you resonated with?

i want you to always see the fearlessness.

i want you to see the flawed me.

the evolving me, because i am not ashamed that i still have much further to go.

i don’t want you to see someone who is too full of herself, but someone who is humble and yearning for bits and pieces of undiscovered happiness in the world.

when you chose to follow me, i hope you were inspired and did so with all genuine and pleasant intent.

i won’t always say what you want to hear.

i won’t always look how you perceive me too look.

i might not even be emotional when you anticipate i will, but it’s all raw.

it’s all in the moment, it’s all me, and it’s only right that with each word, i articulate my testimony, and do so fully.

even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, i have a right, and a duty to spill tea no matter if it’s tough or comes out effortlessly.

no matter if the content sinks deep into your gut or hardens your ears, it must be said.

because part of my journey, part of my being completely whole, true, honest, loving and trusting of myself is letting it all out.

letting it run smoothly from my mind to my fingers and eventually to my mouth.

it’s all intentional. it’s all real. it’s all part of the origin, self.




if you follow me, just know that i’m lost too, and the only thing different is i won’t stop searching until it’s at a clear eye view where 1 +1 actually equals 2.




Copyrighted © 2017


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