Cleanse:  Day/ Week 1

starting today Aug. 1st to the 31st i’ll be doing an intense cleansing and reconnecting mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I’ll be trying a vegan journey for the entire month and will not be on my phone (texting/calling) really and especially not on social media. Posting and being online everyday sometimes gets draining, depressing, overwhelming, and threatening to my joy. although it can also be inspiring, part of catering to self is knowing when you seriously need a break from it all and that time is now. I choose to feed my focus and only get better! 
I love you and I’ll be keeping you posted through my blogs each Tuesday: 
Telley —-

ill be exercising, reading, laughing, loving, smiling, catering and exploring all of what God has for me, explicitly & intentionally. #self 



#neverapologizeforhowyoufeel #seeyouinseptember 


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