GOD-unshakable Confidence!

“He’s intentional. He’s been doing it for a long time. He’s intentional. Never failing.”

You know, sometimes, well, most times,

I get very worked up about things / people and I overreact or act before thinking.

my emotions run wildddddd. -it’s a gift and a curse

It’s very challenging for me to control my thoughts, feelings and alters what I see fit to be true in any given situation.

This lack of self-discipline and control has set me back time and time again.

The first step is identifying there’s an issue.

The second step is evaluating it, finding its triggers and causes.

Third is addressing and actively work on eliminating the root of the issue.

Lastly, is making a conscious effort to do all the above in the same amount of split time it would take me to react.

… yup it’s a process, lol.

am I missing a step going about it the wrong way? i need help, i thought your 20’s was supposed to be a lot less stressful, lol. seems impossible with the mind i have, or maybe i haven’t yet mastered how to control my powers yet? my flames?

my mind races a mile a minute. I think, and think, .. and think until i’m tired of thinking and then i think about how to stop thinking…

too much right?


i know.

soo much that I a lot of the times I create issues that aren’t there and itera;ly drive myself crazy. it’s frustrating and it’s scary. i never want to get to the point where i’m scared of myself or don’t trust myself.

sidebar: still looking for the secret balance between being naive and overthinking.

I’ve come to realize that when we as humans aren’t enough for each ourselves, GOD has placed himself in all of us to substitute all we lack.

that’s why when i’m down, when i’m in my own head, when i’m at my wits end and ready to give up i still, somehow, still rise.

that’s why i never finish that final thought.

i never cry that last tear..

i never say that last thing on the tip of my tongue ..

i never get to the point where my anger becomes physical.. or

where i completely lose all respect and knowledge of what my GOD has done, can do, and is able to do.

he is my strength. he is my everything.

when I am weak, he makes me strong.

he refocuses me when i’m worried, but especially when i’m worried about all the wrong things…

who knows that feeling?

I encourage you to have GOD confidence, like me and practice it daily like I am starting to do..

regardless of it all i still believe in, trust in and love God and his son Jesus Christ.

it’s all about faith and believing what you don’t see, what you haven’t seen and knowing he is able and will perform all works which he started in you in due time.

it’s his promise all according to his will. it all works out in the end, always, all ways.

Trust Him, trust yourself, utterly and entirely.

He deals in abundance!!


Copyrighted © 2017






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