i expect not of people… of humans… of the flawed.

i only expect great things from the one who never breaks his promises; who is his word and who is love.

the one who has done, seen and lived through all things witnessed and unwitnessed.

because there is something sweet and special in the imagination of faith and expecting fulfilling things that have never been, to be for me.

i’ve resorted to doubt so often that i grew immune to disappointment.

i want more. i want rare, authentic, raw…

i need a change. i need not to just write think or say it but practice this change this desire for more daily.

this will only happen if i shift.

shift my mind. shift my thoughts. shift my perspective. shift my view..

so when i feel my mind sinking, drifting into the darkest place.

i sing/hum a familiar and sweet tune. one that uplifts one that brings me back. music is a true healer and cure for the untamed demons that try to consume me.

it takes a while but music, with the word of God is my perfect instant remedy for the sirens of chaos.

it’s my quiet, happy, and reassuring place.

keeps me level headed.

this is for you: stop thinking the worst. learn to trust again learn to love even harder. it will bring you the most indescribable joy.

hope for the best. await the unfathomable.

it’s all possible thanks to HIM!

intentional expectations.

copyrighted © 2017

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