please excuse me.

please excuse my inconsistency and confusion lately…

my motivation has been coming in spurts.

I’m all over the place…

not sure what the “cure” is to this “WTF IS THIS” feeling I have more often than not, referring to life.

obviously, we were all brought here, to earth, not knowing what to expect.

not knowing the family we would be born into,

not knowing who we would become,

or the people we would attract,

the vibes we wouldn’t attract,

nor what are purposes were.

but i really need some things to start adding up.

being the person that I am, (not necessarily always wanting an answer to everything), but questioning a lot, being casually curious, and wanting answers for certain profound events in my life, my peace of mind seems to be in and out.

excuse me for being 22.

when i say i really don’t know wtf this shit is , i really don’t.

feeling like I’m constantly failing at life compared to my standards, and being between having it all together and not having my shit together ever.

excuse me for consistently having to “get my life together” because I’m honestly annoyed with myself at the amount of times I say it.

I feel like a lot of the times I have no idea how to effectively and efficiently get it together…

Yes, everyone’s path is different, and because of that there isn’t a definite right or wrong answer to anything but I just don’t know, there at least has to be a better answer, at least, right?

I hate being at this stage of life, really nothing’s making sense, things are just happening and I have no choice but to go with it.

I’m just reacting and not thinking before I do.

What an idiot I was to think for a second that your 20’s was supposed to be fun…when I’m finding myself being more confused than anything and even more than I was when I was a teenager.

Please excuse me for falling off, when I’ve committed to being consistent with sharing me with you.

Honestly, I’m just as lost as all of you. I just want to be great. I want to be the best version of myself, and  I want that to be more than just words..

I want to be heavily focused on all factors that feed my soul. What about me? what about my feelings? what about all the pieces of me that I’ve lost serving everyone else?

Yea I know, I have to do much better in serving me.

I just don’t think I anticipated the process to be this trying or long. However, I’m on it. I can’t give up because one thing that’s never altered with me, is the final destination I have for myself in this life.

this is me, on my way to my real, raw, and relevant reality.


Copyrighted © 2017



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