i am at the point where I feel, and i feel very frequently and intensely, so much so that I usually tend to put meanings and titles, labels on people and situations that make them much more important than they actually are…

it isn’t that deep.

self realization.

just breathe, don’t stress, sweat the small stuff.

everything that occurs in your life is much less beyond the vagueness of black or white of good or bad, or of right or wrong.. but much more of accepting self and life presently.

life is meaningless.. in the sense that it doesn’t mean so much you have to stress over it but it means just enough for you to enjoy it and play your cards accordingly.

no one is responsible for the way you interpret things. because your interpretations are solely based off of your openness and acceptance to the plethora of possibilities, that are life.


live this.


copyright © 2017

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