livin my best life?

So who has been on their on and off “imma get my body right/ start my diet on MONDAY tip” lately???

And ironically, it’s always the following Monday that never seems to come, right?

You never seem to take yourself seriously?

You keep pushing whatever it is off?

You never commit?

Yes, well that has been me for the past 3 years or so.

I haven’t only been doing that with my eating habits but with my emotions as well.

The two most vital organs which keep me flowing, I have neglected to nurture.

I have been letting my eating habits takeover and I have permitted others space and time, with my emotions.

It’s all got to stop.

Not because a new year is coming, not because I’m looking forward to 23.

But honestly because life’s too short.

I am that reminded everyday and I always think:  if today was my last day on earth who would really care?

Who would be devastated?

The names which came to mind without hesitation are my love, my home, and the ones who deserve my emotions.

I have been going through a lot internally trying to master self-discipline and allowing life to take its course with the people whom I love surrounding me.

It’s hard. One of the top hardest things I’ve ever done in life.

One thing I am learning is that “it” will only happen when I am serious. I need to be present in the moment more accepting and embracing it for what it is because it’s all in divine order and I can’t get time back.

My future self, future position, and future blessings are literally sitting there waiting for my current self to get a grip.

They’re waiting for me to finally take it all in, and take it all seriously.

So that’s what I intend to do.

I want it.

I want it all.

I want all that’s good and good for me.

When I put my mind to something my actions will then say it all.

Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously now, into 2018 and beyond.

Stay humble and gracious cause the best revenge is that whattt??????????????










Copyrighted © 2017

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