getting back to me..

my words.

my art.

can’t be defined by the modern, shallow ways of this world.

no, mine is of the supernatural element,

and could never be condensed into the false value placed on your idolized likes, views, AND comments on all social platforms.

they can only be critiqued by true individuals. by you in the flesh. through the remedial scale of feeling.

my goal is to always make you feel. and then, if your thoughts allow, express what you feel.

my purpose is to, somehow through my words, my many feels, and my existence become more intune with me. my energy. my frequency. and for those around me to mirror the in depth self-reflection.

we all feel one way or another. whether it’s ignored, acknowledged or overpraised we all feel it.

it’s the one language we all “speak”..

my wish for you is that if you feel, please know that it’s okay, because there’s times i don’t know that. or i forget it.

and if you are numb, maybe because you felt too harshly, too quickly, too deeply, know that you can’t live in that idoled state.

at least not if you’re human.

find your way back to your emotions, somehow, someway,

i wish this for you all someday.



© copyright 2018 || IG: @chantelleadanna

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