i wasn’t lying.

when i said i’m going to make it.

i wasn’t lying.

when i said i creatively write, and i will write you a piece of my soul that you’ll never be able to let go. it’ll nurture parts of you, you never knew starved.

i wasn’t lying.

when i said i’ll stop at nothing to make happiness a priority and a hobby.

i wasn’t lying..

anger and sadness are now two known allergies of mine.

they aren’t permitted access to recklessly shuffle through what’s mine, like my mind.

i’m not lying.

when i said i’m coming for anyone who fixed their mouth, to doubt me before i was me, and continuously does so..

i wasn’t bluffin boo. you know who you are, and yes, you’ve got everything you deserve coming to you.

it’s not a game.

when i confirmed my creative niche in this space and built my writing to the point my words jump off paper and speak for me.

i wasn’t hiding.

it was me. it is me. it’s always been me. i’ve always been here.

graduating from college, although i tried to dismiss it as a common task, it took a toll on me.

it helped me in so many ways but it still required so much of my mental and emotional capacities.

however, it only reassured me that i was built for this. it reminded me that all i set out to do on this earth will be accomplished and i will execute and carry out my heart’s deepest desires precisely, accurately and timely.

i wasn’t lying when i said i am A R T.

i think abstractly.

and i mindfully create all the time.

it’s all part of the catch.

the catch that is me.

the catch for you to know that what you see is always only partially of what you get when it comes to me…

because i’m rarely naked, emotionally. i’m always keeping a solid portion of me a mystery.

the catch is for you to know that with me there will always be more than what’s in store. to know that i’m deeper than the ocean’s floor.

i’m way too dynamic for you to try and ignore. trust me, you’ll sink in me before acting like i don’t exist, safely brings you to shore.

there’s something inside you which agrees with my rhythm. it communicates to you in the form of a slight roar,

saying: “damn. she wasn’t lying..”

there’s rarely ever a dull moment with me. the catch is that there always will be a catch in the crazy, cool, calm, collected, creative, courageous, cancer way of living. lol

i’m passionate, a loving being through it all, and my passion grew from the fall.

i still get up at each call because my divine purpose is bigger than me, it’s mad tall.

always read in depth and never stall.

i was never lying.

i’ve just learned the essence of God’s splendid timing.

© Copyright 2018


© Copyright 2018

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