A must see. A must be.

I had a dream last night…

It began in a very magical place and I was in a peaceful space, at an early stage in my life.


I was surrounded by love, over and over, and over again.

I was there in the flesh.

It was me.

I was out of my own body.

I wasn’t in the womb, but I was at the age that you did nothing but giggle, play, and self serenade by the time of noon.

Yes, I was a toddler lol

I saw my grandma.

Bless her soul.

Her sweet voice carried me to where and who I’ve reached today.

My dad and mom were present too, they were all there that day.

I’m not too sure what the occasion, but I just knew I was safe, loved, and cared for.

Your youth is your most prized point.

It somewhat instills in you how you will view everything around you. How you will treat yourself and how you will treat others.

It emphasizes the person you already were before inhaling the air of life as we know it.

I can’t describe to you too much why I dreamed that was a toddler again or what it “meant”.

Some instances in life are so surreal, are only real, if you’re there. I can’t externally tell you what it meant for me to feel and see that pure joy, or tell you how my insides lit up like fireflies in the friendly summer night sky.

nope, nope. I can’t.

And as beautiful as words can make things, sometimes, moments just can’t quite be captured.

“somethings are a must see. a must be. it’s the only way stardust dreams can be seen.”

-Chántelle Agbro

Whether through your conscious or subconscious, your presence is necessary to experience.

It’s just that simple.

I witnessed my happy state in a way that I never imagined or recollected before.

I’m not too sure what dreams mean or what they don’t anymore, but I try to just go with the flow.

I try not to impose what I want them to mean because sometimes what comes to me in my sleep isn’t so pleasant.

Things I don’t even want to speak of..

So I stay focused on the good. On the soul soothing, the mind calming, the heart comforting images that serve me.

It’s a bit complicated, this thing called life, this emotion of meaning.

These days I try to tread more lightly when dealing with meanings.

Because I’ve learned that anything with power to heavily influence the way I see a person whom I’ve never conversed with because of conclusions or pre-judgements I have in my head, that I can’t see past? Then things have gotten out of hand.

And so I brush off the negative and let positivity and possibility stand.

that keeps me free, from what can sometimes be a human prison…




© Copyright 2018


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