object to mediocracy …

It’s safe to say, that I’ve experienced a life changing event.

I ran/walked 13 miles this weekend….

13 M I L E S !!!!!!


I know!

I really have to do research on things before I just voluntarily sign up for next time around, lol but I don’t regret it at all and I’ll tell you why!

FIRST, object mediocracy.

I participated in the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana this year and no exaggeration, it has truly changed my life, for the better.

Now, besides the fact that I wasn’t as prepared physically as I should’ve been, meaning I didn’t train for 13 miles AT ALL, I trained for 3 , lmao. I add that I also wasn’t prepared AT ALL for the impact it had on me mentally and emotionally.

Normally, you would expect the surface experience from an event like a HALF MARATHON, to be, well I don’t know, severely sore for a couple of days, right?!!!

Yet, you don’t foresee the breakdown..

the mental piece.

the internal piece.

the emotional piece.

I know you guys just think “Oh here she goes AGAIN, being deep and emotional, and it’s not that serious.”

But it is.

I mean, you could be right depending on you and your experiences but this is very deep, to me.

It taught me so much about myself and the consistent mediocracy of inconsistency which found its home in me. The trash that I accept daily that phases me from all different angles.



where’d you do?

Now, grant it we all have our off periods, we all fall off occasionally because we’re human.

But that’s not an excuse, and

I have to be more disciplined.

I have to be more disciplined.

I love myself…

I’m not saying that I don’t make an effort now, but I am saying that the effort can be and should be tripled.

go that extra mile, no one is ever there..

I definitely underestimated the length of a mile, the power of endurance, and the art of persistency regarding practice.

I wasn’t expecting to receive a mirror moment BUT I did.

I completely overlooked my ability.

object to mediocrity.

I realized that I could push myself further than I had been. I was capable of going that extra mile even when I told myself multiple times after mile 7, that I was walking the rest of the way!!

I had to set the bar. I had to go far.

I had to set the standard and reach it because it’s what I wanted and it’s what I knew that I could achieve.

I had to object to the mediocre thinking that I wasn’t able to finish, that I had to stop, that I couldn’t push and challenge myself further.

REMINDER: The story of me will always be putting 100% behind whatever I do.

So, I’ve made a pact with myself and a few others.

I’m on it!

This time next year I’ll be 25+ lbs lighter, I’ll be running the 13 miles, I will train consistently commiting to running at least 3 miles, 3 days a week, I will eat like I know the saying “you are what you eat” is true and I will work on my flexibility !!

These are just a few things I know that I have to execute to reach my goals. If I see myself being my full potential in the next year to 5 years I HAVE TO START, I HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT, & I HAVE TO COMMIT COMPLETELY, RIGHT NOW!

object to the half ass, object to the abuse of time, object to the disrespect of what is divine.

object to mediocrity and actively be aware,

that it starts here, it starts with YOU!

I gave you my word, about what I will do. Now, hold me to it!

© Copyright 2018

IG: @chantelleadanna


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