But Is HE satisfied ?

that title can be misleading, huh?

yea, I could see how some of you would see it that way, but only if you don’t know the difference between (he and HE),

would you lack the vision’s key.

God showed up, as always in church yesterday.

he spoke through the pastor and emphasized much but especially the word pray.

many get confused thinking that praying is solely coming to the altar and asking God for things…

yet, when you really get to know him,

he shows you, that his altar, is multidimensional and flexible. it’s a place of work, fellowship, and dialogue.

I learned a great lot that day, but what I want to leave you with something simple, which states:

yes, we all pray to be blessed, we get blessed. we are pleased with our heavenly father and his abilities.

But a relationship runs two ways…

how do you continuously ask to be blessed and then when he calls on you, you’re quick to look the other way.

.. haha, it doesn’t work that way.

he isn’t the fly by night type, nope, he said he is here to stay.

so next time you feel the need to seek satisfaction in what the Lord can, and is able to do for you.

take a second, to see how things on the other end could be seen.


stand in true selflessness, as His child and ask yourself:

Perhaps, my savior isn’t satisfied with me, and if not, why would that be?


© Copyrighted 2018

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