always $trive and prosper.

that’s what they said,

so that’s what I constantly told her.

it’s what i persistently coached to her,

over and over i recited:

“be your best,”

“put yourself to the test.”

“never accept anything less.”

yet, being human, which we can’t beat,

sometimes is a result of why we fall

short of the most simplest request.

but starting today, when i woke up,

i had those sayings in my head on replay.

since i know how i can get, i just faithfully pray.

i know that i tend to obsess over failed scenarios,

so i now want objective emotions over,

who and what stays and who and what goes.

since it’s apparently all categorized as flow,

and was never personal.

the internal struggle only my heart and soul know.

it’s important for me to maintain familarlarity

with warmth that wants to stay.

my loyalty lies with those who are love and of course, me.

that’s why to always $trive and prosper is more than a trend for me,

it’s a lifestyle,

an ongoing responsibility.



© Copyrighted 2018



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