what’s for you.

i remember the days

i would go through life’s waves

desperately drowning for you.

little did i know,

you weren’t capable to feed me like i needed you to.

it couldn’t be you to see me through.

i’d live in the fairytales of my hearts’ comfort,

i’d live in only the safest parts of music’s rhythmes,

which felt like magic,

and like it was acceptable to be an addict,

of love.

my mind would paint,


and paint

until it constructed the perfect picture of just us two.

this walk through,

reminded me of all things anew,

i’d search deeper and deeper,

only to lose my footing quicker,

with me,

with the solid ground labeled as

us and we, meaning:

I, myself, and me.

i don’t regret falling for you,

yet i do regret chasing you,

and almost forcing what wasn’t for you, on you.

i don’t think either one of us knew the essence

of the saying:

what’s for you is for you

and that’s something that could never be misconstrued.


copyright © 2018

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