forgive me

i’ve been moving slow.

no, this isn’t an excuse at all.

my drive for some reason has reluctantly been placed on hold.

there have been tragedies.

big and small, that have occurred in my life from May to July. and I’m still dealing with the inevitable question “why”.

just praying for stability because lately i’ve been near what seems like my last fall.

my heart is lasting, yes. my love is a cure, yes.

but for some reason I can’t wrap my mind around His timing, and when he decides when my dear loved ones must part from earth.

i still have a book to finalize, i still might go back to school. oh, I just met 23.

there’s just so much wrapped up in my twenties, and me thinking i would be able to effortlessly handle things,

got me looking like a damn fool.

i need balance. i need stability. i need guidance. i need to be more relaxed.

if this were left up to me, honest to God there’s no telling where the hell i’d be.

so i’ll leave you with this request, as i do my best to get it together.

pray for me. pray for me. pray for me.

i need my tune to get back in the rhythm of a deep, unbothered, fearless melody.

just like i used to be.


-Thank you for your patience in advance with my new found inconsistency. I promise i’m working on a better me.


I love you.


Sincerely, Telley


© Copyrighted 2018



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