Spoken Word

YES, it’s true!

I finally did it.

I spoke my piece.

I said, I shared, I expressed some of me, with the world verbally.

I never, ever, ever thought about spoken word until I found myself regularly recording what I had to say generally just to share it on my social media pages.

I don’t want to brag because I still have so much work to do but I am glad I did it. My level of comfortability is now stretching one mark at a time.



more divine..

It’s become apparent to me lately, that F E A R is an illusion.

All along, we know that ho we are. We carry the confidence, the durance, and the faith way before we result to doubt.

It’s not until we start to think of others.

and start to factor futile opinions.

and start valuing disapprovals, or negative feelings towards

what you already labeled as gold,

just based of off you, the one who holds.

The saying:

If you can think it, you can achieve it.”

has shown up much more frequently in my life as of late and I’m loving it.

My thoughts are wild but if I really want it,

I will get it, I will be it, I will achieve it all.

Do it for you, and watch Him see you right through.

I love you all so much. Thank you for allowing me to be so free with you every week.

My website, book release date, and more spoken word post are on the way.

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Have a fantastic day, no matter what obstacles seemingly get in your way!

IG: @chantelleadanna

Twitter: @chantelleadanna

© Copyrighted 2018

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