Formation—The Divide

Feminist: A person who advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.

Let that sink in…

I mean really sink in, think of what that actually means.

Think of all the possibilities beneath the surface.

If no light bulbs have yet to click yet, then let me shed light on what I’m trying to help you notice.

“I think being a Feminist is a lot deeper than what people make it seem. Being a feminist, does mean to be for the for all women however at the same time you can’t be for all women entirely if there is an entire community of women that don’t support each other fully, what I call: “The Divide”. Generally speaking, African American people are the most envious and unsupportive of their own people. We all know this, even though we tend to ignore that reality. In side with that, African American women are the first group to tear one another down and they have much envy. I think both Beyoncé’s performance at the superbowl and her video were beautiful and she spoke on issues that she personally hasn’t addressed for whatever reason before to her fans. I believe she realized that before we can all move as one unit in the name of Feminism, we must first mend the cracks in this big façade that claims to be for all women when it isn’t.”

– Chántelle Agbro

Now I know almost the whole world has heard Beyoncé’s new release: Formation by now and personally I want to know your serious opinions on this, (please comment below). Of course she created a buzz in the media but whether it was good or bad she made a moving statement.

I’m not a die hard Beyoncé fan but I do like her and her music and this bold message that she recently portrayed might have even elevated my respect for her even more. I love how she coordinated every aspect of her video from the lyrics to the graphics, it was awesome. Additionally, as if Beyoncé isn’t already always the topic of discussion, to me, she anticipated people’s reaction and the buzz that this message would create. She closes her song remark:

“You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, best revenge your paper.”

She knew, end of story, and I can respect and support it.

I love when people who have so much influence (much more than politicians) on the general population, especially the youth, all over the world call attention to concerns that actually matter in our society. I’ve witnessed so many artist get money and lose the value of keeping serious issues relevant in whichever manner they choose to connect with their fan base, which bothers me.

Noticing “The Divide” we have in the world with racism and colorism speaks exactly to why the true meaning of a Feminist can’t be carried out as effectively as it should be by public figures. The image they are “obligated to uphold” is too valuable, I suppose.


Furthermore,the critics of Beyonce’s video, (you know who you are and I hope this post reaches you) really blew my mind. Saying or implying that she isn’t a Feminist because her performance didn’t include “all women” is just a cover up for the fact that the fear of the black community uniting is very well present and real. 

Black Lives Matter suddenly transferred to All Lives Matter?

Hmm, note that.

I think it makes you even more of a Feminist for bringing attention to the importance of all African American females lifting each other up, because there is clearly a disconnect in that community specifically, which is very evident. It’s not to say that all women of various races aren’t worth being acknowledged because other races are acknowledged all the time.

Therefore, it is to say, however, that Beyoncé’s message is aiding to the group of women that tend to be the most broken. Even here in Latin America the African population (Afro Latinas) get overlooked.

Instead of criticizing, if you truly new the job of a Feminist, you would realize that this is what the African American sector needs (we never have anything to ourselves, and we never can have anything to be proud of without being criticized like we aren’t good enough). You would also, support the fact that Beyoncè is trying to pull together a group of women who have it the hardest in this society (not playing the victim, only stating facts, we don’t need a pity party and we’ve never needed one). To recognize this, is to acknowledge the fact that white privilege does exist, and that black women are criticized and torn down constantly by everyone including themselves. This video/performance is a grand step in the movement of Feminism.

Shift your perspective.

 “Umm, we don’t need to ask for acceptance from anyone. We don’t. Umm, we are enough, we’ve been enough and we always will be enough, thank you!”

-Taraji P. Henson

(NAACP Image Awards (2016))

Truth: Besides, the fact that I love this woman’s soul dearly, she put the icing on the cake with these words. Not much needs to be said but the indirect/ direct jabs that are always made towards the African American community will never cease the ability we have to persevere, through it all.

Let it be known.

When you realize that the “minority” is really the majority, life gets easier. >

I’m no where near close to being judgemental because of race, color, ethnic or origin, but of character? Definitely.

If it’s clear that you have a prejudice towards a certain person/group because of the above things I will have no choice but to judge you.


Police Brutality.

Whether it is a learned behavior or not it’s inexcusable and the newer generations need to know that. It’s too late for the older generations, they’ve been stuck in their ways for too long, however everyone else needs to know people were made to be different but oh so similar at the same time and be able to really decipher what that signifies.

“Everyone in the world is worth being nice to. Because GOD never creates inferior human beings, each person deserves respect and dignity.” 


“Let’s gather and educate our own people so we can then attack Feminism, even Humanism, together as an entire unit.”

-Chántelle Agbro

Don’t attack but support:)








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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

-Oscar Wilde

“When people show you who they really are believe them the first time.”

-Maya Angelou

When you’re hurting, it is true that the truth, is the best medicine! 

Think of a time where you’ve ran into someone that you haven’t seen in a long time. What is one of the first things that they said to you:

  • “Hey, How are you?
  • “How have you been?”
  • “What’s new with you?”

Now, tell me how you responded? … nope, wait actually, let me guess… you probably did one of these numbers:

  • Oh Hey, “I’m okay”

It practically rolls off of your tongue automatically.

Question: Is it because we really care? Or Is it because we know it’s the polite thing to say at that given moment?

The most common little white lie that I tell someone on a daily basis is : “Oh, I’m okay.” or worse “I’m good, don’t worry about me.” I crossed it out above because majority of us are walking around living a daily routined life that almost seems programmed and we’re shying away from real issues that affect us.

Question: Is that wrong?

My response: I don’t know. This is something I constantly ask myself and is another reason why I’m sharing it with you all. Although, I do know that in addition to the fact that it’s no one’s business how I really feel, I just don’t want to be a headache to anyone. It’s something I struggle with. I’m the most independent and emotional person you will ever meet, trust me.

“The furthest thing from perfect like everyone I know.”


I know for me, I go day to day usually on the verge of tears (which I’ve mentioned), worry, and uncertainty of how things are going to turn out, why things are going the way they are now, and just when all my work and efforts of self-consciousness will pay off.

I have tears for different reasons of course, but still tears.

I actually just told my best friend the other day that I’m not sure if I know how to be genuinely happy anymore, which scares me.

It just seems like every time I get close to something/one I perceive to be real and genuine it never fails to prove me wrong.

I don’t know about you but I can only be disappointed about one time per person/situation before I’m over it.

I have a very, very short tolerance (something that I’m working on) but it’s still very prevalent.

In my opinion, these days people sort of live in a haze of bullshit. Everyone is walking around with shades on (literally and figuratively). These shades block them from reality and keep the bottled up in their little (Turn Up) utopia where everything is great and the actions they make don’t have consequences.

Then there are those people who “joke” a lot about the truth but swear they are playing or they weren’t serious about whatever they said.

Let me tell everyone something, real quick, I’m fed up with people putting up fronts period, let alone for you to put up that same front and the try to mask your true feelings or lighten up the mood with the words: “It was a joke”. No sir/ma’am, you are the joke, the joke’s on you because everyone (well at least me) sees right through you.

Stop using that as a cover up!!! I know you weren’t playing you were serious just own it. It’s shady. You’re childish. Stop being scary.

“The truth is told in jokes.”

-Romanian proverb

I’m not going to lie I wore a pair of those shades before. I was oblivious to how my actions and choices would affect my feelings in the long run but when I realized that no good came from shying away from the truth because it was always there. This is epiphany.

“The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time but it ain’t goin’ away.”

-Elvis Presley

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


That’s how serious the force of truth is on the world and everyone takes it as a joke.

I’m still trying to figure out where the logic is in pretending to be happy when you’re not. Pretending to be okay when you really aren’t, if you need help then ask for it.

I don’t understand how people get mad when you speak the truth. Whether it is a traditional thing, or cultural thing and you’re told it’s not “your place” to say something, to me is beside the point.

It is an issue of pride and ego which I understand because I struggle with being purely vulnerable in many aspects of life but I have to face it and I’m learning that.

It isn’t healthy to avoid interactions with hurt or uncomfortable situations. Quite frankly, I can’t deal with the act people put on. (I know I’ve said this before but it’s so sad and I see it everywhere I just don’t understand how people can faithfully live lies).

In society today, looking at the bigger picture the constant sugar coating and ignorance towards issues such as depression, racism, child molestation in churches and in households, homosexuality, suicide, and mental illness is killing us as a people.

I urge everyone to reach that climax and hit your epiphany, if you haven’t already.

The shades will get old.

The shades will bind you.

The shades will make you weary.

Wearing shades when you’re facing your situation doesn’t make your problems or hurt any more acceptable or invisible but rather more noticeable and harmful.

“The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie. Keep speaking it.”

“And for the record I’m not okay, but I will be.”

-Chántelle Agbro

BEWARE: I am not easily broken nor fooled!

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