Poised with Purpose

The Allurement of Show and Telle is a collective set of insights reflecting the world’s treasures. This dynamic mini memoir continuously serves to enlighten, connect and influence an entire generation that lacks patience, respect, knowledge, unity and self-worth.

It expresses genuine and raw content through my personal life experiences. It is essential that the incorporation of my motivational/inspirational tone portrays hope and courage. Simultaneously, it vividly depicts the unsaid and crucial issues that evolve within the modern day society and that affect people in unconscious ways. Reviewing life through my lens stimulates your mind with substance. My words recreate and pinpoint the significance of realizing the connections between everyone and everything in this world. My writing reflects the ideology, ideas, pain, joy, curiosity, confusion and greatness that are all intertwined to make up my artistic being.  I am Chántelle Adanna Agbro the honest Writer, Blogger, and Author.

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P.S.- Look out for my memoir which is currently in the making!

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