I am an entire song.

Not just one verse, not just the chorus nor the hook.

but the entire song.

From the raw, flawed handwritten lyrics

to the polished final product,

It’s All Me!

The common misconception of my energy

is that of its reason for creation was to please man,

yet it wasn’t.

My being is colorful, completely colorful.

Me entiende?

Some colors are darker than others

but I don’t mind because they all serve their purpose.

Truth is, with the intentional calling over my life,

I couldn’t half-ass my destiny’s canvas even if I wanted to.

There comes a time where we are shown

what we are, who we are, and why we are.

And baby, I’ve accepted that I am lethal in the most necessary ways possible.

I am art. I am love. I am rhythmic. I am rich. I am royal.

I wasn’t just put here meaninglessly.

My essence never was and never will be worthless.

But because I’m so potent, it’s easily misconstrued by the shallow as something negative.

I can’t do anything about that, though. Take me as I am or keep it moving!


You have limited amounts of times to selfishly run through me. There is beauty, life and strength in my brokenness.

I say all this to stress that I am literally magic.

Not in the fairy-tale aspect but in the supernatural one.

 My magic continuously searches and will solely connect with something real.

Something that lives beyond this lifetime, something that lasts forever.

Note: You have to know yourself, feed yourself, be yourself before you can do anyone or anything else any good!


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The Wait

I love you Jesus.

I worship and adore you.

Just wanna tell you, that I love you more than anything.

Today, I reflect on the last days of writing my manuscript for my first book!!

I am soooo excited to release it and for you all to read it:)

It is a tough process but this is what I asked or so I am pushing through. In this process, I know and see GOD is working and I pray he continues to work on me as a person and steers me away from reliving and bringing up the past.

That hinders me. 

I struggle with wanting what I want now and thinking that I’m ready for things that GOD is still working on for me. It’s not even so much that I want to rush, but because I feel that I’ve been going nowhere really fast in the relationship part of life, I question a lot, lol. I am okay with focusing on myself, obviously, but it seems I’ve been doing that forever, lol.

You know?

Older people tell me all day everyday that:

“You’re sooo young baby, and you have your whole life to grow up, love, be in love and be in a relationship.” 

I know that’s true but I also know that being in love isn’t something that I would get tired of , if it magically decided to manifest itself right now in my life.

Love is Love.

Sometimes it really does suck and gets lonely when you’re mentally more mature than majority of your peers. Not to mention that guys are just stupid, lol. Soo where does all this unfortunate information leave me?

Right here, writing to you all, that’s where.

I’m very anxious for the beauty to unfold, though!

What’s your daily struggle?

#TheWait is real.

Yet, I know it is very powerful, which is why I accept it.

When GOD turns the situations that were meant for your bad into your good, it’s only right that he receives all the glory!

I have to remember everyday to say: “I love you and I trust you GOD, with everything in me.” I also have to really live and believe that every second of the day.

If not, I can worry and overthink my way into dark and unsettling place, which no one wants to do.


Thank you GOD for this day and I hope everyone has a marvelous Tuesday!



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The Wears and Tears of Passion♠

This that good love boy, you ain’t know?

When you have a passion for something or someone you go hard for it, and I mean really, really hard for it because it’s what you believe in, right?

It’s kind of resembles the reason you get out of bed, the reason you smile. It feeds your soul and gives you hope, it gives you a purpose to live…


  • any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love or hate.
  • a strong amorous feeling or desire; love; adore.
  • strong and barely controllable emotion

See, the thing about passion is that, although its impeccable to feel when it’s being reciprocated well and it’s being embraced, it can also be dangerous and devastating  when something falls short in the equation of it reaching its full capability.

I know you all know the saying: “Too much of anything isn’t good for you.” right?

Well, in this case, it applies more than ever.

Passion, depending on the strength level of the person who is supposed to be receiving it, can come off “too strong”. So much so, that you’ll start getting comments such as:

“You’re crazy, you’re psycho, or you’re doing too much, you’re too much, and your overbearing”. 

When you get these reactions from people, you as the passionate being that you are, you start to really believe those things that people tell you and call you.

You start to believe that because the ones that you’ve been dealing with thus far cannot understand your powerful emotion, that you’re in the wrong. You’ll also start to blame yourself for everyone else pushing themselves away from you and keeping their distance.

But, the good news is: I know from personal and recent experience that this is not completely true, and you need to just change your perspective and direction a little bit.

Look at it like this, the issue is not the sole fact of you being passionate but it’s more of knowing when, who ,where, what, why, and how to release it. Passion is a gift and a curse, you feel deeply and a lot of the time it slaps you in the face.

It also reverts back to the concept of: Time.

Yes, I know!!  It gets on my nerves too, but it’s so apparent in all aspects of life that it just can’t be ignored.

Passion is amazing, passion is rare, and not many have it. But because of this fact, only few have it it’s easily misunderstood, rejected, and shunned. So when using it, make sure you thoroughly assess the situation and the people first. Spread droplets of your passion to begin with to test the waters.

This caution will do you good, believe me!

This goes especially for women. Due to us being the magical and majestic beings in many ways and forms that we are just naturally, we’re stronger and more receptive than any other species, specifically the male one. lol

“Don’t ever dim your light to make others in the room comfortable, but humbly shine even brighter.”

-Chántelle Agbro

The average person is going to fear what they don’t understand and you have to understand that that has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them, so let it be.

You’ll find that when releasing your passion because of its deep roots with love it’s damn near impossible to stop when it starts to flow. This is where it gets tricky all over again because although it’s not your intention, it can and will easily be mistaken for force, which then can put you in a compromising situation.

No one wants that.

It’s okay that some don’t receive what you pour out because it’s a sign that growth is needed and we all can embrace the benefits of improving.

I’ve come to the clear realization that I really just have to embrace this life and all these talents, qualities, traits, and characteristics that GOD himself has instilled in me, unapologetically.

When I do that, nothing will be too much for me.

Nothing will seem as frustrating.

Nothing will seem as confusing.

Believing and trusting that what you prayed for will eventually come to pass trumps all things!

GOD trumps all, as well as his love and his timing.

“Include everything as you embrace this GOD life and you will receive GOD’s everything.”

Mark 11:24


  1. Nothing will happen before its time.
  2. Everything is in divine order.
  3. Be mindful of where you pour your passion.

“When it flowing it’s GOD, when it’s forcing its US.”

And as hard as it can be sometimes, just let GOD flow, trust me!], he got YOU!

Have a phenomenal week babies!

-Love Telley


Copyrighted © 2017




The Stretchhhhhh.

Today’s blog post is very simple, and it’s simple in that I don’t necessarily have a story to tell nor an experience to share but only observations and a call to action.

I named this post “The Stretch” because keeping faith in the greater and positive things in life unfortunately sometimes feels like it’s too much, or as if it’s a stretch.

I found myself coming across a lot of sad and disturbing news the past two weeks. Even though I know that isn’t what you want to here (neither do I), you will be happy to know that I also came across the solution as well!!!!!!

We have so many “problems” in this world, some categorized more harmful than others, yet the answer to fix them is still the same.

“When are we going to understand that we are put on earth, to love. That’s all it’s about. Everybody wants to figure out how complicated life is and break it down. This is what I truly think, war gonna keep going on, frustration gonna keep going on, anger gonna keep going on till we finally go back  down to the simplest word, LOVE.”

-Kendrick Lamar

Yup, that’s right people, it all comes down to the concept of Love.

I already know what you’re thinking,

“Oh, well it’s not that easy when you’ve been through “X Y and Z” over and over again.”

“I can’t just love when my son, brother, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, or father was killed just because of the color of their skin.”

This is something I definitely struggle with as well but think about it like this. If we do not love and continue to hate, and be mad, then the cycle never ends, correct? And if the cycle never ends then what will your children and your grandchildren have to look forward to?

Everyone always wants to just live in the now, and okay, fine that’s great but now is the time to love like never before. Do you all not see what is happening around us? Don’t take it lightly that there is so much hate around us.

We have to stop the cycle, and the best way to start is of course love yourself and then become educated and learn more about how people just hate because they are taught to and through this you will seek the significance of loving every person.

The stretch.

Is it a far stretch to believe that one day the color of someone’s skin will not matter to the next person?

Is it a far stretch to dare to believe in myself, my dreams, my thoughts about changing the world when I’m still trying to get people to even read my blog post consistently?

Is it a far stretch?

From the presidential elections, to the constant killing of our own people by our own people because of the brainwashed society, to a 12 year old girl  in Texas attacked by white students on a field trip attempting to lynch her and nobody looked to help her, to the police officer getting off on all charges in the case of Freddie Gray, things are out of hand, are they not?

Those events right there, amongst the other terrible things that happen daily that are not publicized are what we have to look forward to if we don’t find the love and start stretching it.

Stretch love because if you haven’t found your “specific purpose” on earth up until this point in life just know that the single and most important purpose is to love. You have to love and you have to forgive. Be love and then everything around you will follow suit. Nowadays, many people think love is a luxury or it is something that needs to be earned, no, you’re wrong you are obligated to love, just because it’s our natural instinct to do so.

Trust and believe that it hurts you a lot more trying to resist love then maintaining hate and anger in you heart.

I’m preaching to myself right now because I’m the type to hold grudges. I will be honest, I am the type of person that if anyone hurts my family or me one time then I completely shut down and cut off all feelings and communication.

But I have to get my mind right, because if Jesus could forgive and still love all those people who deliberately persecuted, and harmed him then who am I not to love? Who am I not to forgive?

Now, I am promoting  the stretch of love and forgiveness because that is why we are put on this earth. But remember loving and forgiving doesn’t mean that you let people back into the space where they have harmed you before, if it’s not God’s will to turn it into something immaculate. However, it does mean that you keep good blood between people, and you love from a distance. Protect your heart but truly love and truly forgive simultaneously.

I’m telling you all being here in South America has done me good. My headspace is clearer than it has ever been and I am so grateful. I needed this time, this distance, and this different energy to heal and to thrive in my own peace.

I am finally free!

“Walk into each day knowing that you have a reason to be; and your reason to be, by default, is to LOVE. Choose being vulnerable effortlessly because without it we’ll never truly be free!”

– Chántelle Agbro

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It’s always relevant. 



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